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Counting Chambers
Petroff-Hausser Counter

The Petroff-Hausser Counter is one piece construction ensuring durability and accuracy, featuring an Improved Neubauer ruling on a single plateau. The Petroff-Hausser Counting Chamber is popular for bacteria and sperm counting and offered in a series of cell-depths(10, 20, 40, microns).

Photograph of 3900

Catalog # Description
3900 Counting Chamber w/2 cover glass
3920 Counting Chamber Set with case
3900NG No Grid Chamber w/2 cover glass
3901 10 microns Chamber w/2 cover glass
3902 20 microns Chamber w/2 cover glass
5051 Replacement Cover Glass

Directions for Use

Petroff-Hausser Counting Chamber - Catalog # 3900

Usage: Sperm Analysis and Counting Bacteria Counting

Cell-Depth: 0.02mm (1/50 mm)
Ruling Pattern: Improved Neubauer , 1/400 square mm

In order to count the number of sperm per milliliter, dilution is not necessary. To immobilize sperm, there are two recommendations:

        (1) Add a drop of Formaldehyde


        (2) Run semen under hot water, which will kill or immobilize.

Rulings cover 9 square millimeters. Boundary lines of the Neubauer ruling are the center lines of the groups of three. (These are indicated in the illustration below). The central square millimeter is ruled into 25 groups of 16 small squares, each group separated by triple lines, the middle one of which is the boundary. The ruled surface is 0.02 mm below the cover glass, so that the volume over a square millimeter is 0.02 cubic mm. Count all cells within this center square millimeter(1mm x 1mm area).

The number of sperm per milliliter (ml) = Number of cells counted X dilution (if used) X 50,000*

*50,000 = 50 (cell depth is 1/50) X 1000 (1000 cubic mm = 1 milliliter)

To clean the counting chamber: After completing the count, remove the cover glass and clean the counting chamber with water or a mild cleaning solution (10% solution of bleach). Dry the counting chamber with a soft cloth or wipe, or rinse with acetone.